Choosing the Right Plantation Shutters for Your Texas Home

Plantation shutters are phenomenally popular additions to American homes from coast to coast. They’re functional, versatile, and beautiful with the right interior design choices to match. If you’re interested in adding plantation shutters in your home, you should take your time and think carefully about what type of shutters would work best for you. There are two main types of plantation shutters: poly plantation shutters and wood plantation shutters. While this may seem like a simple choice, there are many variations of these two options that you should consider carefully.

Plantation Shutters Composite Houston, Texas

Polywood Plantation Shutters

Poly plantation shutters feature affordable and highly durable poly-wood construction. This composite material offers several benefits with a few minor drawbacks, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully.

When it comes to the benefits of poly plantation shutters, this option receives top marks in durability. Poly materials are incredibly durable and will hold their finish very well. In fact, poly plantation shutters will hold their color for their entire lifetime. They’re also highly resistant to moisture, making them ideal choices for homes in humid climates or garages that tend to collect moisture. Poly plantation shutters will not warp when placed in areas with high humidity.

While poly plantation shutters are incredibly durable, this durability comes at the price of the shutters being very heavy. It’s very important to have your poly shutter panels sized correctly if you choose this material for your plantation shutters. The excess weight puts a great deal of strain on the frames holding the shutters in place, and they can eventually fall out of alignment if they are too heavy. Make sure the company you choose to install your poly plantation shutters sizes them appropriately so this doesn’t happen.

Poly plantation shutters are also more affordable than their wooden counterparts, so they are perfect options for remodeling projects with tighter budgets. However, affordability does come with the drawback of limited color choices. Poly plantation shutters are only available in white and off-white, so homeowners that want different colors should consider wood plantation shutters instead.

Wood Shutters Houston, Texas

Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood is timeless and looks fantastic in all types of homes, from traditional Cape Cods and Victorian homes to modern homes with contemporary layouts. Wood plantation shutters are typically more expensive than their poly-wood counterparts, but they offer a wide range of benefits to account for the higher cost.

The primary benefit of choosing Houston wood plantation shutters is the sheer number of design options available with this selection. You can paint and stain wood plantation shutters any color you can imagine. As long as you follow appropriate painting procedures and seal your paint correctly, you can install wood plantation shutters that will flow beautifully with any type of home décor.

Wood plantation shutters are also lighter than poly plantation shutters, but they are more durable. This option will last quite a long time, and the only real drawback is that painted wood plantation shutters may require occasional repainting. Keeping them painted and sealed properly will also help lock out moisture, and wood plantation shutters are more vulnerable to moisture than poly plantation shutters.

Which Type of Plantation Shutters Are Best?

Ultimately, the cost difference between wood plantation shutters and poly plantation shutters is not extraordinary, and many homeowners will prefer the flexibility in design options that come with wood plantation shutters. However, poly plantation shutters are affordable and look great in many types of homes, so they can be the best option for home-flipping or rental property owners looking to spruce up their rental properties quickly and cheaply.

Blind Design specializes in Houston custom shutters. We have helped homeowners all over the Texas area design and install beautiful plantation shutters of all types, and we can help you choose the best fit for your home. If you’re interested in plantation shutters but aren’t sure which type would be the best option for your home, contact Blind Design of Houston, Texas today and our team will be happy to help.